Driving Into Port Everglades - Video

These days there is precious little to like about flying anyplace.  Airlines are an often unwelcome creature that sits on the front and back ends of a cruise.  For my part it has been nearly ten years since I actually flew to a port of departure.  Driving into a port however can be a daunting task unto itself however.  Most cruise ports are wrapped around the edges of working cargo ports.  Finding the way through the maze of fenced in zones and to the right parking garage can be difficult.  To give you an idea of what is like to drive into such a situation I share this dashcam video of entering Port Everglades.

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Ships That Pass in the Night - Video

For my first few cruises I had an itch to wake early to see what it was like when a ship entered port.  I failed miserably to do so until January of 2016 aboard Oasis of the Seas.  The video included here was the result of that success.  This all makes what I did seem like a lot.  In truth I cheated.  As I had the entire cruise, I setup my tripod and camera on the balcony and with the help of my alarm, staggered out of bed and started it recording.  The results have become one of my favorite lunch-time videos.  It is relaxing, peaceful and as the end of any cruise sometimes feels, a little bit sad as it marks the end of another adventure.

What does it look like when a ship enters a port?

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Images of Cruising: Sunset departing St. Kitts.

Images of Cruising: Sunset departing St. Kitts.

If one has to explain this then maybe the casino and discos are your thing and not the promenades and balcony cabins.  That these spaces are as open and unoccupied as this speaks to both what I think some people miss and the fact you can always find someplace to escape it all.  I've scheduled meals, activities and even picked cruises to ensure I see as many sunsets and departures from ports as I can.  

Images of Cruising: The Waters Off St. Kitts.

Images of Cruising: The Waters Off St. Kitts.

St. Kitts is an even more compact port of call than St. Maarten.  Easily walkable from the ship you can literally drive around the entire island within a couple of hours.  It is also among the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean.  The port entrance has the usual array of duty-free shops and is among the new breed of design.  Just beyond the edge of the newest development area line of older buildings and finally the open town beyond it.  

Images of Cruising: The Fleet at St. Maarten

Images of Cruising: The FLeet at St. Marteen

There is always a buzz on the pier when you have several ships docked and disgourging mass of passengers into a port.  So it was at St. Maarten.  The port is well designed and able to handle flow of people into it, being among those that have built modern purpose designed facilities.  For many even going deeper into a port becomes an afterthought as there is nearly a full days worth of shopping in the duty free and other stores within walking distance of the gangways.

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